Sidney Yates Building

Conserve Architecture
In depth, hands-on Architectural and Conservation Services are integrated to assist you to achieve your goals for the historic property in your trust. We seldom work alone, but rather assemble teams appropriate to the task. It is our experience that no firm can provide a team of top experts from in-house staff; thus we use our extensive experience and network contacts to assemble project specific teams. Listed below are just a few of the services we provide.

  • Standard Architectural Services
  • Conservation Assements
  • Historic Structure Reports
  • Historic Structure Files
  • Conservation Treatment
  • Museum Restoration
  • Adaptive Re-Use
  • Reconstruction
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Artisan-Contractor Training for Conservation Treatments

Statehouses to Outhouses
Due to the level of our skills and expertise a significant portion of our work involves historic properties with high-style design and high-end construction, however, we appreciate vernacular and industrial buildings as well. Preserving them without over-restoration is a challenge we enjoy. It fits well with our ethic to conserve materials rather than replace them. Altough we find, the less one replaces, the less it ultimately costs; and the quality of the older materials is greater than is commonly available today; the primary reason for retaining the original materials is their ability to answer unasked questions, historic information imparted in them through creation, alteration, and experiencing all that has physically happened. The replacement materials start their record with their making but contain none of the original prior data.